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Alan Goodheart
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I have spent most of my career designing landscapes that respond to a client/user program (developed cooperatively at the outset of each project), and to context (focusing on coherence, clarity, and fit). My goal has been to create opportunities for the finest social and sensuous experience of landscape without calling direct attention to the design or the designer. This, I believe, is the bedrock on which the discipline of landscape architecture should be built.

In my recent practice, I have had the opportunity to shift the balance between science and art towards more unique and personal expression. This is most noticeable in Agabiti Plaza, at the heart of the restaurant district in Trenton’s Chambersburg neighborhood: all of the furnishings – tables, two types of bollards, three types of benches, and a 26 feet tall obelisk – are made with stainless steel. There, 19th Century industrial history (the Roebling wire-rope works), late 20th Century socioeconomic changes, and a 21st Century vision of renewal suggested a material that reflected the past, that would withstand the rigors of modern urban life, and that could be surprising, comfortable, and have a unique way with light, by day and night. Those same qualities are employed in Subduction and Orogeny to provide a dramatic setting for the jewel-like beauty and the geologic story of bedrock stones from locations around the world where mountains are made. We set our sights on becoming an integral part of a unique urban open space, a temporary garden of delight with science stories told through art. For us, this has been a proving ground for collaboration, evocative design, and the best urban planning.

Subduction and Orogeny presents the latest and best science as a ‘painting’ in stone and stainless steel. The stainless steel provides the manipulated canvas and the easels on which jewels of the rock world are composed. The abstracted diagram is designed to be a teaching tool as much as it is designed to glow, to sparkle, and to be touched. Linc and I, with the considerable assistance of Dave Vermatt, Senior Designer at Custom Fabrication, Inc. in Harpursville NY, have collaborated on this metaphor for the changes that lie at the foundation of our world and our lives here on Earth.

I received my Masters in Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and I have been in private practice in my hometown, Princeton, since 1973, focusing on urban open space design: parks, playgrounds, plazas, and streetscapes.

Alan Goodheart ASLA Landscape Architect
255 South Harrison Street
Princeton NJ 08540-5609
609-924-9041 tel
609-924-6148 fax



Quark Park is being developed by Kevin Wilkes, AIA; Peter Soderman; and Alan Goodheart, ASLA.
The World Hope Foundation has joined forces with this team to be the fiscal agent for the project. The World Hope Foundation mission supports self-determination in communities by bringing resources to community members and educational experts that are willing to step forward and enhance the lives of their children and elders. The Foundation is a qualified as a Federal
501 (c)(3) charitable organization and as such is eligible to solicit and support charitable causes.
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