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Christoph Spath
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As a student in Germany, I received formal training in architecture, and my work expresses my continued interest in structural forms. I am primarily interested in exploring forms of ancient origin which are found in many cultures, including basic shapes such as the column, the portal, the monolith, and the wheel. The clean lines and simple geometry of these forms provide a formal architectural aesthetic that is found in much of my work. Additionally, coming of age in Europe during the 1960’s and 1970’s, I was greatly influenced by the minimalist movement, in which complex ideas were often expressed in simple shapes which interact with their surrounding space.

My work largely deals with the balance of man-made and natural elements and forms. Most of my sculptures are made of stone and glass. Often the stone is left rough in areas, representing the natural element, while the glass is man-made. When I work in granite and glass, a combination frequently seen in my work, this dichotomy is particularly apparent, since the granite is made mostly of quartz, and the glass, while made of the same material, is molten and shaped by the human hand.

The glass also represents the more fluid inner life or soul, held by the solid external body. I always consider the way in which light will be reflected in the glass as time passes, and this movement is integral to the overall design of the piece.

Over the past several years, I have become more concerned with the challenges of site-specific work and work in public spaces. In these situations it is necessary to find the connection between the sculptural elements and the site. This can happen in a purely visual way, or in a way which encompasses references to the history, or purpose of the site. I am most interested in exploring these relationships, which offer many layers of meaning, and opportunities for the viewers to connect with both the site and the work.


Quark Park is being developed by Kevin Wilkes, AIA; Peter Soderman; and Alan Goodheart, ASLA.
The World Hope Foundation has joined forces with this team to be the fiscal agent for the project. The World Hope Foundation mission supports self-determination in communities by bringing resources to community members and educational experts that are willing to step forward and enhance the lives of their children and elders. The Foundation is a qualified as a Federal
501 (c)(3) charitable organization and as such is eligible to solicit and support charitable causes.
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