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George Scherer is a materials scientist with a joint appointment in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and the Princeton Institute for the Science & Technology of Materials (PRISM). After receiving his Ph.D. from MIT in 1974, he went to Corning Glass Works where he did basic research on processing of optical fibers and on viscoelastic relaxation in glass-to-metal seals. In 1985 he joined the Central Research lab of DuPont Co. where he studied the mechanical and transport properties of gel networks. In 1986 he came to Princeton and began a program of research on deterioration mechanisms of concrete, stone, and masonry. This involves fundamental examination of transport of fluids in porous media, nucleation and growth of crystals, swelling of clay inclusions in stone, and initiation and growth of cracks. Scherer is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and the author of two books and more than 200 scientific articles.


Quark Park is being developed by Kevin Wilkes, AIA; Peter Soderman; and Alan Goodheart, ASLA.
The World Hope Foundation has joined forces with this team to be the fiscal agent for the project. The World Hope Foundation mission supports self-determination in communities by bringing resources to community members and educational experts that are willing to step forward and enhance the lives of their children and elders. The Foundation is a qualified as a Federal
501 (c)(3) charitable organization and as such is eligible to solicit and support charitable causes.
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