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The “Light Emerging” sculpture and surrounding landscape celebrate the emerging industry of solid-state lighting. Solid-state lighting is enabled by Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) and associated phosphors. LED’s are small semiconductor chips that emit light when an electric current is applied. LED’s are highly efficient, rugged sources of light with very long lifespans. They are currently used in many products such as: traffic lights, displays, signs, electronics and specialty lighting. Given the potential for significant reduction in power consumption, it is anticipated that solid-state lighting will gradually replace the incandescent light bulb for general illumination.

The sculpture has three components: blue light engines, phosphors (color converters), and plastic rods. The bottom of each plastic rod has a thin layer of phosphor, which is excited by a blue light engine containing 42 LED’s. The blue light is converted to various colors depending on the type and combination of phosphors used. White light is made with the right mixture of red, green and blue.

The canopy, which projects over the sculpture, also represents the emerging industry LED industry. The three layer of the canopy represent the component layers of the LED. The blue screen represents the blue light engines, the orange the phosphors and the white layer represents the light emitted.

Sarnoff Corporation| Lou Ann Wingerter, Sarah Paris-Mascicki, Jeff Neilson, Frank Bodnar
Lamina Ceramics| John Ekis (a Sarnoff spin-off company)
Kraftwork Custom Signs| Mike Sylvester
HACBM| Bob Mailer
Lightolier/Genlyte| John Rebbek
Clayton Block| Dave Dobbins
Mazzucato Masonry Construction| Jacopo Mazzucato
Princeton Design Guild| Kevin Wilkes
Bohemian Grove| Peter Soderman

About the Artists
Sarnoff Corporation produces innovations in electronic, video and vision technologies that generate successful new products and services for government and commercial clients worldwide. Founded as RCA Laboratories in 1942, Sarnoff has pioneered such advances as color TV, LCD, solar cells, digital TV/HDTV, among other things.

One of Sarnoff’s businesses is developing advanced phosphor materials for the LED industry. These phosphors together with the light engines provided by Lamina Ceramics were the inspiration for the light sculpture.

Joshua Zinder is an accomplished local architect and designer who recently formed his own design services firm, Joshua Zinder Architecture + Design LLC. His 15 years of experience cover a diverse range, including residential, commercial, and institutional architecture projects as well as product, furniture and graphic design. JZA+D offers complete design services, with a keen understanding of universal design, green design and personalized service.

Quark Park is being developed by Kevin Wilkes, AIA; Peter Soderman; and Alan Goodheart, ASLA. The World Hope Foundation has joined forces with this team to be the fiscal agent for the project. The World Hope Foundation mission supports self-determination in communities by bringing resources to community members and educational experts that are willing to step forward and enhance the lives of their children and elders. The Foundation is a qualified as a Federal 501 (c)(3) charitable organization and as such is eligible to solicit and support charitable causes.
World Hope Foundation
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