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This installation at Quark Park reflects the understanding that the basis of human time telling is the sun. The park is designed as a place of quiet reflection, (we always thought for grandparents and their grandchildren), allowing visitors to observe the passage of time through tracking the sundial’s shadow as it moves across the site. A bench is provided for this observation and observers are encouraged to follow the sun’s shadow as it tracks across the wall to the west of the path; chalk is provided to mark your own observations. The installation is designed as a garden to remind us that our sun supports all of the life on earth. The shadow indicates the time of day in Eastern Standard Time ignoring our artificial manipulations of time each summer. Accompanying explanations illustrate the geometry behind a sundial, and a deeper explanation of the physics of the Sun.  This installation is the product of the combined efforts of:

Congressman Rush Holt, Twelfth District of New Jersey and Professor Freeman Dyson, Institute for Advanced Study

KSS Architects
                Allan Kehrt FAIA
                Edmund Klimek AIA
                Merilee Meacock
                Steven Doyle
                Petar Mattioni
                Danielle Matuch
                Todd Berreth
                Sophia Tang
                Vashtie Coefer

Yedlin Construction
                Charles Yedlin

Another Green World, LLC
                Daniel Burke Landscape Architect

Doerler Landscaping


Quark Park is being developed by Kevin Wilkes, AIA; Peter Soderman; and Alan Goodheart, ASLA. The World Hope Foundation has joined forces with this team to be the fiscal agent for the project. The World Hope Foundation mission supports self-determination in communities by bringing resources to community members and educational experts that are willing to step forward and enhance the lives of their children and elders. The Foundation is a qualified as a Federal 501 (c)(3) charitable organization and as such is eligible to solicit and support charitable causes.
World Hope Foundation
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